So, Here We Are

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

So, here we are. The very first post.

I’m Mrs. LLC. Married to Mr. LLC, otherwise known as Team LLC. We wanted to start A Life Less Conventional as we’ve just begun to embark on an exciting adventure – to save. A lot.

Financial Independence Goal

Save, I hear you say. OK, but don’t quite a lot of people already save? What’s so special about you two? And is saving even exciting?! Good questions, dear reader. We are saving to achieve financial independence and to leave our regular 9-5’s behind, move to the countryside and embark on a different kind of life – otherwise known as Operation Lake District (and yes, saving is exciting – to me, anyway).

That’s our dream – that we’re working on becoming our reality.

We’ll do it with one very simple approach: live well below our means, invest the surplus, avoid debt and wait. Patiently. This isn’t a sprint, it is most definitely a marathon. And when we’ve crossed that finish line, we’ll be able to start our new normal life in the countryside, as well as Mrs. LLC being able to say that she’s completed a marathon – since there’s about 0.01% of her completing an actual running marathon (Mr. LLC is on 4 completed and counting).

So, who are we? We’re early 30’s professionals, currently living in the USA. We’re not American though, we’re originally from the U.K. and will be moving back to good old Blighty (even given the #Brexit result) in the near future. We’ve been in the US for a few years now and will be forever grateful for our time here – it’s where Operation Lake District was born, after all.

There you have it. This is who we are and what we’re doing. I want to use this blog not only as a personal space for us to record our journey but also to share some of the things we’ve learnt already and will learn along the way. We’ll be flying the flag for simple, mindful living, conscious consumption and saving.

And I say me, because I’ll be the one writing here; Mr. LLC is all about crunching the numbers. Whereas, me, well… let’s just say I like doing everything and anything apart from crunching the numbers. We’re the perfect team.

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  1. Hello
    Great to see another UK FIRE blog. I’ll spend a bit of time checking out your historic posts at my leisure!

    All the best with the blog and good luck with your journey to FIRE!

    1. Hi Weenie, thanks for commenting! Thanks – hope you enjoy them 🙂

      I first discovered FIRE whilst living in New York so I was primarily exposed to USA FIRE blogs. I’ve slowly and surely been trying to seek out UK FIRE based people – they seem a bit more harder to find!

  2. I hear great things about the Lake District. I hope to visit it someday. is there something specific that brought you to America? Is there something specific that is taking you back to the UK?

    1. Thanks for commenting! The Lake District is truly wonderful, I hope you do get to visit there one day, I’ll happily recommend some places to visit. We came to America with my husband’s job and we’ll be going back with it too. We took the opportunity to experience living in a different country for a few years but we always knew long term we’d like to settle in the UK. We have loved living in the US though, it’s been fantastic and we’ve travelled to some amazing places!

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