About LLC

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by to our little slice of cyberspace.

What is A Life Less Conventional?
This is a chronicle of our journey to become financially independent and start living a different kind of life, outside of the constraints of a 9-5. We’re at the beginning of our journey, having officially started in March 2016 and we hope to reach FIRE by the time we’re 45 (or thereabouts).

As well as chronicling the journey to FIRE, we’ll also be sharing thoughts, musings and very occasionally rants about personal finance and all things money (we think about it a lot).

We’ll be staying anonymous on the blog and social media. Not because we’re spies who can’t reveal our identities (although that would probably make us more interesting) but simply because everyone and anyone can be Googled and we don’t want to reveal to our employers our life goals just yet. Post FIRE, we can strip that anonymity away!

Who’s behind it?
We are early 30’s professionals, also known as Mrs. LLC and Mr. LLC. We’ve always been mindful with our money and diligent savers but we decided to change our lifestyle in order to create a plan to retire in our 40’s and move to the English countryside. We are currently living in the USA but are British and will be moving back to live and work in London before we can make our great escape!

We want to be in a position where we have enough money and assets that we do not need a monthly paycheck to live. That isn’t to say we will never work again once we achieve our aim, it’s just we want the freedom of financial independence to live the way we choose to not the way we have to.

What is FIRE?
FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retire Early and we’re hoping to achieve it!

Team LLC are not financial professionals. The content of this blog is purely for informational and entertainment purposes only and what works for us, may not work for everyone. Seek out a professional for financial advice and guidance.